14mm Steel blue


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14mm steely blue,black pupils + holo glitter.
Grade: B

14mm Steel blue (base example)


All eyes are made by myself,due to the handmade nature they may have small imperfections such as bubbles. They are made with high quality materials with anti yellowing technology,however it is not recommended to leave eyes (or dolls) out in strong sunlight for a long periods of time.

Please see the grading system below for levels of quality control.

Grade A: Even base,minimal imperfections or tiny bubbles and even painting
Grade B: Base not sanded but even,small bubbles and small imperfections,not noticeable in a doll
Grade C: Uneven base,has imperfections but not noticeable when worn in a doll
Anything with flaws below a grade C is classed as “junk”,and will be discounted accordingly.