Custom BJD Eyes

About ordering eyes,gallery and pupil options.

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How to order

Place an order with the size and options you’d like.
After payment has been accepted for the order,I will send an email to you requesting the details. Please make sure you use the correct email.
After receiving the confirmation email, fill in the template on the ordering page. It doesn’t have to be perfectly photoshopped so please don’t worry,the example was created using MS Paint. Don’t forget to include any other descriptions of the things you’d like in the email. If the pair of eyes you have in mind doesn’t fit the standard template,then photos and descriptions are also fine.
After receiving the details I will then begin work on your eyes,and after completion will send you a photo to check. If they are satisfactory I will then post them to you (with tracking if available).

Note: I will be working hard to make the eyes exactly as described in the brief/template,however if they do not fit customer expectations for reasons such as incorrect colour,placement,etc I will redo the eyes for free one time only.

Eyes will take 1-3 weeks to produce depending on workload.

Contact email:

Pupil styles:

(01/02/18) The default pupil is round black,ranging from 1mm to 4mm, but you can also choose from the options below. More options may be added in the future.



A few examples of previous work and commissions.

12mm Light blue
16mm single zombie grey
16mm pink + gold with glitter
16mm pink + blue
14mm light brown
12mm light blue
16mm fester green
14mm blood red
16mm pumpkin spice,blue jewels + 14mm dream oasis